Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Bentley-4 months old

I haven't written about my beautiful baby boy for a while, seriously life just needs to slow down!!! I wanted to give a quick update and tell all about Mr. B!!!
He is growing up fast, too fast!! He has quite the fun personality and really has become Mr. Giggles!! We had a really fun Christmas, spent with my family! I know Bentley had no idea what was going on but I loved having him here, my best Christmas present by far!!!! He got spoiled getting: clothes, Johnny jump-up, bumboo, and lots lots of hugs!!! We also spent a few more days with my family because we got snowed in, oh darn!!!! Haha!

A little about Bentley:
At the beginning of January Bentley got RSV, but luckily wasn't too bad! We just had to keep him home and do breathing treatments with him every 6 hours! He got to spent some quality time with his aunt Macy, since we didn't want him at the sitters. It took about a week and a half but he is all better!!! Yeah!!!
He went back to the doctors he is a small little guy! He weighs 14 lbs 9 ounces, lost a few ounces since he was sick! He is in the 27% for weight and 54% for height! He got his 4 months shots and did very very good!!!
He is starting to sit up, and falls forward, but he is really trying! He loves to smile and laugh! When he rubs Dallas's face that always gets at least one giggle out of him, he must like his scruffy face!I love hearing his cute little laugh it's so cute!! He plays a lot in his bumboo, which is really great because now he an sit at the dinner table with us! He has great'hand-to-eye coordination and grabs everything he can and it all goes straight to his mouth!! Oh the drool, my goodness he could fill a swimming pool with his amount of drool!! Haha! My favorite lately is listening to him talk, he has sooooo much to say! He has his favorite blankie, Mickey Mouse, I can't get him to takes nap without it!! I've taught him to spread his arms out, when he does I pick him up or give him a hug, it's so funny to now see him spread his arms open!
We moved him out of our room and into his crib hoping that would help him sleep better at night, it was a no go! He still wakes up about every 3-4 hours but just eats and goes right back to sleep! We bought a mobile for his crib hoping that will at least entertain him while he is in the crib. This past week he started eating rice cereal, he is so funny to watch it it!!! He is not quite sure what to do with  it so it sits on the edge of his mouth until it either dissolves or comes falling out!
He has become such a fun little boy, it's been one year since we found out we were having him, I was scared to death and so nervous! But I how grateful I am now he is here!!! I love him so much!!!

Friday, October 5, 2012

All About Bentley

I cannot believe how fast time has gone by!! I love watching my little boy grow and discover the world around him each and everyday!!! He has definitely gotten bigger, its amazing how a few ounces makes a difference when your holding and feeding him. 
2 Days old-coming home from the hospital
3 weeks old, he has such long legs!

  Bentley has been a good little boy, a normal typical baby! I haven't been getting a lot of sleep, but that is exactly what I expected!! When we left the hospital his doctor was a little nervous about his jaundice.We went back to the doctor two days after leaving and his jaundice was higher than when we left the hospital. The doctor thought it had hit its peak and would start coming down in the next few days, as a new mom I was very worried. I watched it close, its taken a little while to clear up, especially from his eyes but I think he is finally starting to look better.

About a week ago Bentley got a tummy ache, which kept him and us up all night long. It was non-stop crying, I felt so bad for my little guy! We tried everything we could think of but you could tell he just didn't feel very good. I attributed it to my breast milk, I ate mexican food earlier in the week and don't know if maybe that made his tummy upset. While I was pregnant I couldn't eat mexican food because it made me feel sick. I have been trying to watch what I eat, and get really nervous about eating anything spicy. He has started having blow outs- we go through at least two outfits a day which equals a lot of laundry!!

Between the hours of 7-9 p.m. Bentley gets really fussy, might be a little colicky. Our doctor gave us medicine for his colic, but after taking it for a few days he seemed much worse. We've kind of stopped giving it to him to see if it makes him better. But you can count on him being really upset around 8:30 p.m. every night. It is okay though it helps both of us develop patience. Patience for me while I let figure out what he wants, and patience for him while he lets this new mom, figure out what he needs.

He tries to hold up his head, although he can't right now, I love watching him try!! He munches on his fingers all the time, loves the binky when I won't let him chew on his thumb!! He squeals to try to get our attention, its not really a cry, short loud squeak! 

I love love love this baby so much!! I knew I would love him, just never realized how much. I worry about him all the little squeaks, heavy breathing, stuffy nose all makes me a little nervous. Even at night I have to check to make sure he is still breathing!!
We've learned a lot as new parents, well at least I have learned a lots!!
1- Life isn't all about me anymore!(I know duh!)
2-Get things done when Bentley is sleeping or happy looking around
3- Breakfast isn't my most important meal anymore, if I even get breakfast before 11 a.m.
4-I have more patience than I ever thought I did

He loves walks, when he is upset all we have to do is take him outside!!

He loves the sound of the blowdryer...the mad face comes when I begin straightening my hair

Loves playing video games with dad

Has to be held when he sleeps, just during the day though (thank goodness) I love this picture

Always sleeps with his hands above his head, they were always above his head in the ultrasounds...so funny!
Loves bath time since we started using the tub!! His feet splash in and out of the water, it is so cute!!  We thought giving him baths at night would upset him and help him sleep better...but its done the opposite!! I love that he is a water baby!! He usually has to keep one foot in the water at all times!

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Pictures of Bentley

Here are some pictures of our bautiful baby boy!!

First Family Picture

Grandpa Kevin...he is so funny with my baby!! I love it!

Grandma Dana and Aunt Roxanne

Let's go home!!

Go Utes!! This was taken in the hospital...he is just so little wrapped up tight!

Yesterday we decided it was the perfect day to take Bentley on his first fall drive up the Canyon! He loves, loves, loves being outside!!!